More Details, More Worlds

Below we have chosen to give you some brief details and outlines of worlds which we are developing.
These will demonstrate to those of you who are new to When Worlds Collide the variety available. For those who are seasoned players these details may give you the oppurtunity to develope scenarios of your own for us to publish.


You fell asleep one night and awoke in a strange, fantastical land, created from the dreams of billions of sleepers from infinite realities. Yet, as a creature of Flesh, you are little more than a slave animal to the Children of Dreams. There are rules to keep your kind in their place. Rules that, if broken, carry terrible punishments. The world in which you now live is full or wonders, but also horrific terrors, especially beings known as the Mara; nightmares given form. Dare you live in the Dreamworld? Which side will you take: will you follow the rules of the Sleepers; will you join the ranks of the Resistance; or will you side with the horrors of the Mara?
All information pertaining to this idea is ©John Fountain 2013


In a world wracked by a global economic crisis, with millions homeless as the new depression bites down hard, dark forces are lurking. In desperation, disillusioned with church and state, people are turning to old gods and ruthless practices to survive. You too have been hit hard by the crisis; but for you, a life-line has been proffered. The International Society for Investigative Science, ISIS, has offered you work at a wage that even before the depression would have been extravagant. The work is hard and stressful, you are told, but if you can remain discrete and do your duties well, there will be rewards. But ISIS may have hidden motives…
All information pertaining to this idea is ©John Fountain 2013

Gentlemen of Fortune

Alternative History Pirate Fantasy
Sail the deadly seas in a world tainted by magic and monsters. The year is 1777, and the world is much changed from that of our own. The Atlantic is littered with thousands of islands, many of them hiding relics of secret civilisations from the dawn of time. Piracy is a way of life upon these seas, and as Great Powers clash in seemingly endless wars over trade and territory, you have taken to the oceans to find your fortune. As shipmates of the privateer "Coffee John" Brown, you are drawn into a deadly feud between this noble man, and a dark malevolence known as Captain Scratch, a man who is rumoured to be the devil himself…
All information pertaining to this idea is ©John Fountain 2013

The Orobourous Project

Sci-Fi Investigative Action
You are a member of a organisation, funded by a secretive cabal of politicians and industrialists, that has the opportunity to experience the greatest adventure of all time: travel between Realities. Hidden deep in an underground complex in America there is a cave; within the cave is an astonishing, reality-bending machine. To look upon it is to risk madness. Yet it is here that the organisation, codenamed the Orobourous Project, have set up their base. You have sacrificed everything to be part of the Project. You have dedicated what remains of your life to this endeavour; your families have been informed that you are dead; you have been forbidden from seeking intimate relationships with other Project members; and you know that you will spend the rest of your life underground, prohibited from ever leaving the base. All that is nothing compared to the thrill of exploring other worlds. The Project sets up observation and science posts in other universes, assigns agents to infiltrate the societies of the alternative Earths, searches for relics and medicines that could be of use to the people of the world. But there are secrets within secrets; terrible truths that are being hidden from you. The Project's true purpose has something to do with the End of The World…
All information pertaining to this idea is ©John Fountain 2013